The Art Of Integrative Counseling

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Useful as a supplemental text in advanced theories and practicum courses, this fourth edition discusses the key concepts and techniques from many contemporary theories and how to develop an integrative approach to the counseling process to better meet individual client needs


Corey introduces the techniques that he draws from in his own integrative approach to counseling using a wide variety of case examples with diverse clients


For beginning counselors, it demonstrates how one can be integrative whether one is behaviorally, cognitively, or affectively oriented

For more advanced counselors, it reminds them of the wealth of information that all theories offer and how techniques or theories can be synthesized into a more effective approach

His skill at and understanding of the termination processes is worth the entire book

In this book, Corey takes readers from forming a working alliance with clientsthrough the processes for setting and achieving goals

Not only will The Art of Integrative Counseling be the core text for counseling process and skills courses, it will provide the foundation for effective, truly integrated counseling throughout one s career. James Robert Bitter, EdD, East Tennessee State University Gerald Corey s fourth edition of The Art of Integrative Counseling provides important concepts to consider when developing an integrative approach to working with clients

To encourage active learning, reflective exercises throughout the text provide readers with opportunities to put themselves in the role of therapist and client

Topics covered include assessing presenting issues developing a productive working alliance establishing therapeutic goals understanding and addressing diversity working with resistant clients using evidence-based practice in cognitive, emotive, and behavioral work with clients dealing with transference and countertransference and incorporating trends in integrative therapies

Whether you are a new counselor trying to figure out how to integrate the many theories you learned about, or a seasoned professional seeking new ways of working with clients, this book has something for you. Edward Neukrug, EdD, Old Dominion University Gerald Corey, EdD, ABPP, is professor emeritus of Human Services and Counseling at California State University at Fullerton.

No one knows more about theory-based counseling than Gerald Corey, who has spent the past 50 years helping us to gain real insight into multiple models

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