The New Technology Elite. How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption And Production

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How-to guidance for optimizing incumbent technologies to deliver a better product and gain competitive advantage Their zip codes are far from Silicon Valley


But industry after industry is waking up to the opportunity of smart products and services for their increasingly tech-savvy customers

Contrasts the productivity that Apple, Google and others have demonstrated in the last decade to that of the average enterprise technology group Reveals how to leverage what companies have learned from Google, Apple,, and Facebook to your company's advantage Designed for business practitioners, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, technology vendors, venture capitalists, IT consultants, marketing executives, and policy makers Other titles by Vinnie Mirchandani The New Polymath Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations If you're looking to encourage technology innovation, look no further

Every organization will increasingly be benchmarked against these elite and soon will be competing against them

In turn, if you analyze Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and eBay, you marvel at their data centers, retail stores, application ecosystems, global supply chains, design shops

The 17 case studies and 4 guest columns spread through The New Technology Elite bring out the elite attributes in detail

The New Technology Elite provides the building blocks your company needs to become innovative through incumbent technologies.

The old delineation of technology buyer and vendor is obsolete

Their SIC codes show retail, automobile or banking

There is a new definition for the technology elite and you find them across industries and geographies

They are considered consumer tech but have better technology at larger scale than most enterprises

Traditionally technology buyers, they are learning to embed technology in their products and become technology vendors

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